Away From Reality

I’ve always thought that I get the weirdest, craziest dreams ever. Like, zomgwtf kind of crazyweird insaneness. I haven’t got a clue if they mean anything but wth, I thought I’d just jot them down anyway. These are not daydreams or something I imagined. These are the stuff I dreamt of while I was fast asleep. It may, well, most likely will not make any sense. Some may be very descriptive, these would be the ones I remember clearly, others might be sketchy. But these are my mind trips away from reality.


7 Feb 2012 : Captured

I was at working at my current office with my current colleague PC1. PC1 and I then decided to move outside, so we sat at a small table outside the building while discussing about work. Our boss BM walked out, looked at us and left. Soon it was lunchtime so we went back in. Angeli stopped by at my cube for something and then PC1, PC2, Angeli, Annie and I went out for lunch. I drove. When we came back, Angeli noticed her purse was missing. I told her she might have left it in the car or at my cube. While she checked in the car, I went back to my cube and found her purse there.

Then all of us were outside again, except Angeli. We were looking at a construction site of a multiple storey building and were discussing about it. We then decided to go and have a closer look. When we got close, there was a huge white wall. There were steps on the wall so everyone started climbing the wall, one by one. I told the rest of them that something was wrong with the place. The others just brushed it off and kept climbing. I was second last to climb, PC1 was last.

I climbed one step and my purse fell into a drain at the bottom of the steps. I had to come back down and get it so PC1 started climbing. I stuck my hand into the drain which was full of dirty water and pulled my purse out. The contents of the purse fell out so I had to put them all back in. By the time I was done, all of my colleagues were missing. I assumed they finished climbing and reached the top.

I continued climbing and kept feeling something was very wrong. When I reached the top of the steps I couldn’t go further. There was an electrical box with switches. It looked like a combination of switches that will open a door or something. I didn’t know the combination so I didn’t want to risk opening it. I had a feeling my colleagues were trapped inside and switching on a wrong combination will result in something bad.

So I climbed down and walked back to the office instead. Now the office was no longer my office, but looked like a room rather, and it was mine. When I got in, there were 2 things I noticed. The dressing table’s mirror was full of writings in red. There was also  something that was like a snow globe. It had a big round ball inside it, which was also full of writings.

I took the snow globe and kept flipping it around to read the writings because the ball kept bobbing around in water inside the globe. It was a message from PC1 to me. She said I was right about the place. The building we climbed earlier was actually a hideout for a gang of robbers. There was an event in town, some kind of enchanting dance show which everyone will leave their homes to watch. The robbers were planning to rob as many places as they could in that gap of time. Since my colleagues stumbled into them, they were going to hold them captive till then.

PC1 also gave me the correct combination for the switches and how to enter the place where they were held captive. I checked the newspapers and true enough, there was a dance show in town.

I was in a complete frenzy, getting all the information sorted, planning an escape for my colleagues. At one point, the globe broke, the water spilled out and the writings on the ball inside was somehow ruined. The writings on the mirror started fading too. In the midst of things, I received a letter from the leader of the gang. He even addressed himself as Mr (I can’t remember the name) and was very formal in informing me that if I informed anyone or tried anything, my colleagues’ life will be at stake. I was even more terrified by now, fearing for the safety of my colleagues. I was racking my brain on what to do next…

Reality : My phone alarm went off and I woke up


25 Jan 2012 : Fugitive

I was a fugitive along with a bunch of people. We were innocent and we were trying to prove it, at the same time evading from being captured. I was with the girls while the guys went to get something done. We were at this building and I was firing shots to figure something out. Then I was discovered by a guy who knew I was being hunted. I started running but was caught. He said he was going turn me in. I told him we were innocent and asked “What if I can show you proof that we are in fact innocent?” He ignored me and continue to inform the authorities. I had a backpack with me and pretended to rummage through it while he talked to some people. One guy came towards me and tried to snatch my person away from me. I figured he was trying to get hold of my identity stuff so I grabbed my backpack and ran. The other girls we waiting for me outside and we ran for our lives.We kept running as far as we could, blended into the crowd and got away.

Reality : The running was so bloody tiring that I actually woke up feeling very very tired.


23 Jan 2012 : Evil Woman

There was this woman, living in a big house. And she had a maid. I was in the house with her. The maid was locking up when a few guys tried to break in, pushing their way in through the front door. The maid screamed and they harassed her.  She was screaming and crying. Then she went up to complain to the woman. She even showed bruises on her arms and was crying. The woman just laughed at her and said “This was just a test for you”. I was baffled and angry at the same time. I confronted her and tried talking to her about it. She just brushed me off and laughed more. I was so pissed at her but I got up and left.


22 Jan 2012 : Round n Round

The beginning of the dream was actually a memory of my trip to Ledang waterfall with my colleague. Suddenly I was in KL with Manisha, Vijay and another unidentified person. We parked our car in a big mall, walked and took a train to get to someplace. Later on when we were trying to get back, somehow we ended up in Orchard Road, Singapore. We were trying to retrace our steps to get back to the parking lot in that mall. Then Vijay decided that since we were in Orchard Road, we might as well spend some time there. I can’t remember if we ever got back to the car.


21 Jan 2012 : Unfaithful

Couldn’t remember much about the dream. The only part I remember was when my better half (in the dream) was telling me he had not been true to me since a particular incident. And I was just…broken.


1 Jan 2012 : Shot

I couldn’t remember the beginning of the dream but I was in my old house in Malacca. I was in my room with sis, in the dream she was already working in military and our house was surrounded by people with guns and snipers. We were lying face down on the bed. I remember seeing the red laser light from the sniper dancing on the wall. I got up and tried get out from my room and I was shot on the back of my head. At the same time, shots were fired everywhere into the house. I tried to get to my parents in the master bedroom. I then touched my head where I was shot and realized the bullet didn’t go all the way in. I dug it out with my fingers and threw it on the ground. I clearly remember the feel of the wound and the bullet lodged in it.

Reality : I woke up with my heart racing.


29 Mar 2011 : Scream

I had a whole bunch dreams the entire night that didn’t make sense. But I remember this part the most. I was driving/walking when I heard a loud bump. A little boy got hit by a car and was lying on the road. He was not moving. Then this lady ( I was thinking maybe it’s him mom) was screaming. She screamed and screamed  while grabbing on to her son.

Reality : When I woke up, I remembered her scream. I told mom about the dream before leaving to work. 2 days later I read this in the news.


26 Mar 2011 : Wedding Drama

I was going to a wedding. I was wearing a saree, the wedding was in a church. My dad drove me there, parked the car and sat in the car while I went. I walked up to the church, changed my mind, walked halfway back to the car, changed my mind again, and walked back into the church. A friend complimented me on the way I looked, I smiled. I was looking for J to sit with him but I couldn’t find him. So I sat with my friend and his wife instead. No idea what happened next, but I was on a bus heading somewhere. Again I was trying to sit beside J but someone else took the seat next to him.

I sat at a window seat and was looking out. I noticed there seemed to be plenty of weddings going on. This family drove by with a bride in the car. She was wearing a wedding gown while the rest of her family were in Indian traditional outfits. The bus I was on was crossing a bridge over a river/sea. A jetty came into view and I realized the family was walking on the jetty, with the father leading. He walked really fast as if he was angry. I wondered if he was going to jump into the water. He walked right up to the edge and threw a wedding garland into the water. Suddenly the bride stormed off in the opposite direction, heading to another lower jetty on the side. Her family tried to grab her but she ran and jumped into the water (dress, bouquet and all.) Her father jumped in after her, followed by the rest of her family ( a few ladies in Malayalee saree and two young boys).

Reality : I woke up


13 Mar 2011 : KFC

I ordered something in KFC while my family ate at another restaurant opposite to it. Before I could receive my order my family decided to leave. We were driving away and I was like “what about my KFC” so my dad decided to pull over from the main road into this path that lead to a shady apartment. Somehow I was inside the apartment, it was very old and rundown with water dripping everywhere. I came across this room which was open. The TV in the room was on but I couldn’t see anyone. I called out a couple of times if someone’s there. The TV was turned off. I knew then that someone was inside but I was afraid to go in.

I stepped in anyway and came face to face with this woman started attacking me. Suddenly her partner, a guy, appeared out of nowhere and attacked me too. I was trying to push the woman away when I realized the guy was standing with his back against the window. I pushed him out of the window, he fell backwards. Then I struggled with the woman and ended up pushing her down the stairs. She fell and broke her neck. I escaped from the place.

Reality : Can’t remember how the dream ended


12 Mar 2011 : Sick

Can’t remember the start or end to this dream. I was visiting my father in the hospital. He seemed fine, I didn’t what his ailment was. But he seemed okay. There was a bed next to him but it was empty. The second time I visit him, there was a patient in the bed beside him. I don’t know if the patient was alive but his/her body was burnt from head to to, almost every part was bloody. The patient was lying in a fetal position, wrapped in some kind of see through plastic. I shuddered at the sight and moved on to meet my father. And I was shocked to find my father in a horrible state. His skin was peeling of, it wasn’t his skin to be exact, it’s as if there’s a layer of transparent-ish skin on his and it was peeling and falling apart. He was drinking from a cup and a nurse came around to check on him. I was in confused state and was very worried about what was wrong with my father.

Reality : I wonder if the burnt patient was my uncle. He passed away the day before and I attended his funeral today. He was cremated.


22 Feb 2011 : Jesus

Can’t remember most of the dream. But I remember being on a boat with my family. It was like the boathouse in Kerala, only it was bigger and accommodated more people. And we were on water, I don’t know if it was a sea or river. This is the part I remember most.

I peeked out of the living area in the boat and saw the most beautiful sunset. I quickly grabbed my camera and stepped outside. There was a Caucasian couple lounging outside. I went as close as I could to the edge of the boat and peeked into my camera’s viewfinder. Suddenly I heard the couple going “Oh my God!” behind me. I turned around to look at them and they were looking at the sky where I pointed my camera at. I turned back to the front and the sunset was clouded by a huge dark cloud. It seemed to be split in the middle by a lightning.

And standing in that split, enshrouded by the cloud, was Jesus. I am not a Christian but I quite positive that it was him. He was in a blue robe, right arm stretched downwards, left arm folded halfway across his chest as if he was holding something.

I was stunned and my heartbeat went crazy. I turned again to look at the couple behind me. They too seemed awestruck. Then they looked at me and said “Get a picture!”. I fumbled with my camera and tried to find him through my viewfinder but couldn’t. I looked at the sky again and the couple told me that he got bigger, almost covering the entire sky. I never got to take that picture.

Reality : I can’t remember if I was semi awake at this point, but my heart thudding against my chest really hard felt very real.


21 Feb 2011 : Rooftop Rendezvous

I met J. We checked into this hotel, it didn’t look very posh, in fact it was kinda shady. There were 4 floors, we got the room on 4th floor. It was a really small hotel, everywhere seemed cramped, and the elevator was not working so we took the stairs.  After we got to the 3rd floor, the staircase leading up to 4th floor was a really tiny spiral staircase.  I could only place half my feet on the steps.

We climbed up and our room was on the rooftop, it had an open air area overlooking the most beautiful view ever, it was right by the sea with little islands here and there. It was late evening and the sun was setting, it was undoubtedly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my dream. The sky was orange and pink, it was so pretty. I was slightly dismayed that I didn’t have my camera with me to take a shot of it.

And while J climbed over to that open air area, J accidentally tipped a bird nest over. Two baby birds in it were hatched but there was one egg in the nest and it broke. And the little birds were wailing whyyyyyy and J said awwww I’m so sorry. Cutest little things they were.

The open air area was like a garden with long grass swaying in the wind and all. I was wearing a white long flowy dress. We held hands, spun round and around laughing.

I don’t remember clearly what was next but I remember us checking out. And I went downstairs to catch a cab because J needed go back to the airport. It was so crowded and nobody wanted to take me. I was asking to go to Orchard Road (Singapore) but the cabs were like auto rickshaws in India. J disappeared and later I found J left to the airport without me because it was getting too late.


18 Feb 2011 : Cleaning Up

Can’t remember earlier parts of the dream, I’m writing from where I remember

I was an assassin. I was in a boat with the lead assassin who feels very much like/could be my own father, I can’t remember others on the team but I remember another girl who’s also in the team. We steered the boat right up to this huge lakeside house and while we were closing in, we shot 2 men dead on the lawn. Then we got down and went into the house looking for our primary target. He was a fat businessman like guy, he was balding and was wearing a suit. The lead assassin got him and tortured him a bit, I can’t really tell if he was interrogating but there was blood. And then he was dead, either shot or had his throat slit. This happened in the kitchen and there was blood drips and splotches everywhere.

My task was to clean up the kitchen and remove all evidence of us being there. The other girl was there too and she had a baby girl with her, it was her daughter. The girl appeared to be mentally unstable and I was very gentle when I told her not to force her baby as she was trying to make her baby sit up. I wiped blood off the floor, sink and table. I rinsed the cloth I was using, I had blood on my hand, I kept rinsing and wiping till everything was clean. There was a container full of blood and water in the sink. I cleaned that up too. Every time I opened a cabinet/drawer, I was careful to use another cloth to hold the handle so that I don’t leave finger prints. The lead assassin then came, praised me for having a good job done with the cleaning and noted that he was impressed that I was very careful. I didn’t know what happened to the dead guy but his body was gone.

We were leaving the house in a posh black SUV and just as we reversed, I could see two cops walking down the road, doing their daily patrol. We realized the two dead men were still on the lawn. We sort of slowed down, blocking the lawn, let the cops catch up with us, made small talk and jokes. They laughed and walked away. One of the cops was cute and he smiled at me. I waved at him from the back seat.

We were at a house. My mom was there with us. She finds blood stains under the sofa and asks if it was our doing. I pretended to not know anything.


21 Jan 2011 : Haunted Mansion

I was at a mansion. It was really old and run-down. I was there with a team of some sort, we were there to put an end to a really badass ghost haunting the place. Before we got to the ghost, there was a series of little ghosts that we had to get rid of first. When we were done, we waited for the badass one to come.

The badass ghost came pretending to be a normal looking woman who walked past the front door of the mansion. I was instantly convinced that she was the ghost and as if she knew I recognized her, she turned into her true self and charged at me screaming.

We managed to somehow take her down and I pinned her to the floor by putting my entire weight on her. I was struggling to break her neck, I grabbed and twisted her head around when someone stopped me saying that she had several layer to her which I should get through before truly killing her.

She seemed quite lifeless by then so we started scraping at her skin to reveal her layers. Her skin was full of tattoos that came off when scrapped. I scrapped and scrapped away.

Reality: Can’t really remember if the dream continued or I woke up at that point.


20 Jan 2011 : Assassin Mommy

I was at my old house (Seri Selendang) in Malacca. My mom was a murderer/assassin of some sort. She goes around killing really bad people. And my dad is forced to be her accomplice. She had killed 4 men before and it was her first time killing a woman. This woman seemed like some sort of high profile big shot. Mom ended up killing her and her husband. Woman was clubbed, husband was stabbed.

I was following Dad on a job to kill a man. Never actually got around to it, but dad was clearly unhappy about doing it. We were at an open air top floor of some shopping complex waiting. I chewed and spat gum from the top floor while waiting.

Reality: Woke up without any ending to the dream.

11 Jan 2011 : Of Thailand and Tuk Tuks

There was a murder. Someone/a family got murdered in a house. Details are vague. The murderers were young Indian boys who did it for money. I was walking with one of the boys to the house. I asked him how and why he did it. He nonchalantly said that it was nothing for him and did it as he was promised money for it.

We went to the house through the back alley. A woman in the house who was cooking, opened the door for us. She took one look at us, started screaming, grabbed a knife and stabbed wildly at us. We avoided her stabs while attempting to explain we came in peace. She calmed down and let us in. We spoke about the murder and that the boy didn’t mean to do it. There was crying. And hugs. She gave us a phone number on a scrap of paper. I remember seeing numbers 0,9,8,1 and 2.

I left the house alone and walked out of the back alley. I was suddenly in a busy town that felt like some part of Thailand. I met some of my colleagues, Grace from Finance being the one I remember most. We hung out and parted ways after sometime. At one point I was on a bus and was holding something that looked like a power plug. I got down from the bus and started looking for a tuk tuk.

There was a huge crowd and everyone was waiting for the tuk tuks. I walked away from the crowd hoping to find a tuk tuk. Suddenly I met mom. And I realized I wasn’t wearing any shoes so I had to go back to someplace to get it. I told mom we needed to find a tuk tuk. I walked barefooted through muddy alleys to find a tuk tuk but not one was in sight.

I never found a tuk tuk till the end.

Reality: My phone alarm rang, I snoozed and fell asleep again 3 times before I woke up at 6.31.


10 Jan 2011 : Cobra Woman vs Me

I was at the back of my old house (Seri Selendang) in Malacca when I saw an  insanely huge cobra slithering down the drain behind the house. It raised its head and attempted to enter through the back gate. I grabbed a water hose and sprayed water on it. It went down into the drain again.

I ran back inside, closed the back door and alerted everyone in the house about the snake. Mom and bro wanted to see it and a while later they came to me saying that they had caught the snake. They showed me a small container with a worm-like snake in it. I told them it wasn’t the snake I saw. They weren’t convinced.

I told mom to close the back door but she wouldn’t listen. The snake I saw made its way back through the back gate and was at the back door. It raised itself again and was as standing as high as my back door. Its head was easily the size of a tennis racket and had a soft pink snout. Mom saw it and quickly closed the door. I told mom to call the firefighters.

I peeked through the kitchen window and saw the snake slither right to side of the window. I was then able to see it up close. It now had the head of a woman with black hair knotted in tight tiny little  buns around the head. Its white underside and the nape of its neck was full of Chinese characters written in black. Its body was huge and patterned like a python.

Then it spoke to me.

“This wall is like the leaves. I can hear you. I only want to see you and speak to you.” Its voice was the kind of soothing, convincing voice you’d hear from someone who sounded nice but actually meant harm. I felt it was more like the snake actually meant “I want to eat you”.  I also felt like it could read my mind.

We closed all the doors and it couldn’t get in. After some time, for some reason, we (mom, bro, sis in law, sis and me) went outside and got into the car. We saw the cobra leave through the back gate. I told everyone it will come back, that it was not going away. Again no one was convinced.

A drain appeared along the stretch of the wall that separates my house and my neighbour’s. The snake came back through that drain. Mom asked everyone to get into the car and left my brother to take on the snake. He waited with a spear in his hand. As the snake got closer, suddenly he seemed to be incoherent and said he couldn’t see the snake. I felt like the snake manipulated my brother’s mind. I got out of the car and grabbed the spear from him to take on the snake myself.

The snake then raised up and showed itself. It looked almost like a real woman. It laughed at me and went to the car. I thought it wanted to get my family so I stabbed at it over and over again but it seemed to be impenetrable. No matter how hard I stabbed, my spear bounced off its body. It laughed at me and said that I could never stab it.

Reality : At this point my phone alarm rang and woke me up. I was semi-awake, snoozed the alarm and went back to sleep as I felt the urge to continue the dream.

Suddenly I found myself to be face to face with it and jabbed my spear into its throat, right below its jaw. I stabbed so hard that the tip of my spear penetrated into its throat and showed when it opened its mouth to scream. I twisted and pushed my spear further into its head till it was dead.

Reality : My phone alarm rang again. Snoozed again and continued, but at this point I felt the dream was more of what I wanted it to be.

I was burning chopped up pieces of the snake in front of my house.

Reality : I was quite awake. I had my phone nearby and knew it will ring again soon. I just laid there on the bed, feeling as is fear was stopping me from getting up. I was clearly aware that it was only a dream but yet I still had fear lingering around. The alarm went off again. I got off the bed, turned on the light and was fully back to reality. It was 6.30 am.

I had the bestest dream last night. Your family came over, I remember seeing Dad & David but not Mum. Think she was off shopping. We met, and you and I went off together. We checked into this hotel, it didn’t look very posh, in fact it was kinda shady. There were 4 floors, we got the room on 4th floor. It was a really small hotel, everywhere seemed cramped, and the elevator was not working so we took the stairs.  After we got to the 3rd floor, the staircase leading up to 4th floor was a really tiny spiral staircase. Like u can only place half your feet on the steps.

We climbed up and what’dya know, our room was on the rooftop, it had open air area overlooking the most beautiful view ever, it was right by the sea with little islands here and there. It was late evening and the sun was setting, I swear it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my dream. The sky was orange and pink, it was so pretty!

And while you climbed over to that open air area, you accidentally tipped a bird nest over, it was funny cuz 2 baby birds were already hatched but there was one egg in the nest and it broke. And the little birds were wailing vaaaaiiiiii and u  were like awwww I’m so sorry. Cutest little things they were.

The open air area was like a garden with long grass swaying in the wind and all. I was wearing a white long flowy dress like the one u got me. We held hands and spun round and around laughing.

I don’t remember clearly what was next but I remember us checking out. And I went downstairs to catch a cab because you needed go back to the airport to go home to NZ. It was so crowded and nobody wanted to take me. I was asking to go to Orchard Road (Singapore) but the cabs were like auto rickshaws in India. U disappeared and later I found you’ve already left to the airport without me cuz u were late.


8 thoughts on “Away From Reality

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  3. woman…you dream some freaky ass dreams !!

  4. Heh. Cheers to that! =D

  5. novinthen on said:

    damn gal! i thot telugu movies were scarry!!!

    I guess Christopher Nolan got the idea from your dream for inception!

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  7. I used to dream on and off about me hanging out with the dead ones without realising they are dead (all of them). Having all these nightmares for the past few years. Some are pieces of short dream that might appear in news as well clearly showing what I saw in my dream.

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