Out goes the old, in comes the new!

2012 is here and it is time to review my resolutions for 2011 and make new ones for 2012. I’ll admit I was almost fooled by the “my new year resolution is to not make any resolutions” trend. Sounds cool, but that’s all it is. I’ve decided I’ll never be too cool for resolutions and I will also have no excuses for not keeping some of them. I will just have to try harder.


  • Take swimming lessons
      • I believe I have defined this resolution wrongly. The objective was to learn how to swim actually (no matter how), which I did thanks to Youtube and countless hours of looking like a fool in the pool. Nevertheless, I’m a proud self taught swimmer now. Pass.


  • Blog diligently
    • I started off with guns ablaze, and then it just died out. Fail.


  • Snap at least one photo a day : 3SIX5
      • I set the expectation too high, from nothing to one photo a day. I held this up for about 3 months, then it went downhill. Then I was motivated to do one photo a week, which I kept up for a few months. Fail.


  • Fix my *@^$&)# back
      • I seriously do not have comments for this one. Maybe I’ll go see a witchdoctor or something. Fail.


  • Get back in shape if I manage to fix my back, otherwise stop getting out of shape
      • I had some fluctuations with this, given certain things that I had to go through, but my jeans still fits so it’s a good sign. Pass.


    • Cook
        • I have proof. Pass.

  • Make more moolah
      • I’m getting paid more. Pass.


  • Make important decisions about my career
      • I’ve moved to a new job. So far so good. Pass.


  • 30 squats per day
      • Err I didn’t even last a month. Epic Fail


In short I have 5 passes and 4 fails. And here are the new resolutions.


  • Learn to play a music instrument (maybe guitar)
  • Blog diligently – one post a week at least
  • Photography – one photo a week : experiment, follow online lessons, learn techniques
  • Fix my *@^$&)# back
  • Stay in shape
  • Learn to cook Indian dishes (curry and all that fatty yummy stuff) or baking
  • Swim at least once a week
  • Explore Sewing/Art/Craft
  • Sign up for some kind of dancing or get back into yoga
  • Make more moolah
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