After A Long Time…

I had the bestest weekend ever over the past few year since I moved to Ipoh. With friends that is. A close classmate of mine got married and I knew this is one wedding I cannot miss, it has been way too long since I had fun with real friends, not the kind who say hi because it would feel weird if they didn’t. So I made the trip to Malacca, a place I called home for 15 years and I have no regrets.

Time is the shiznit. It brings people a lot closer that they ever thought they could be. Some of the girls I met at the wedding weren’t really ones that I was uber close with in school but the fact that they were so warm and welcoming just makes the heart go all aaaawwww inside. I felt right at home with these girls, something I missed for the past few years.

It was good to be back. It was good to see the bride’s face light up the moment she saw us.  It was fantastic to be the loudest table in the room. You can’t have a quiet room when you have a table full of IJCians. No friggin’ way. =p

p.s. I had the longest yamseng, with some quick how-to tips from the forever cool Andrea Eva Wambeck. ♥

p.s.s. Thank you Andrea, Elaine, Maddy, Swee Lin, Bernie, Siew Chin, Tsu Yinn & Carolyn for the awesome time I had. Much love.

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