Back In Action

After a short break, I’m back! Had a lot happening lately, lots of work, lots of public holiday, a short vacation and an engagement. I was starting to worry that I will go back to ditching my blog. *gasp*

Anyway, a good friend of mine got engaged and she picked a very inexperienced, never-had-a-photo-gig-before me to shoot the event! It was exciting that she got engaged, but I was absolutely thrilled to be chosen as her official photographer! Of course, I was nervous as hell too!

It was a very hot day and I had my first taste of how tiring shooting events can be. Regardless of that, I’m happy to say that I had so much fun doing it! Overall I think it turned out pretty well. Whatchu think? Feel free to comment, I’d love to know what I should improve.

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One thought on “Back In Action

  1. Jesvinder on said:

    good shots!! bavani 🙂

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