Privacy Is An Ugly Monster

It swallows you whole or chews you up real bad and leaves you in tatters. What happens within four walls is not necessarily a secret anymore. A moment of carelessness lands you in hell. When people are getting pretty comfortable with airing their dirty linen in public, you should be really careful not to let them get their hands on yours. Because once they do, you’re a dead meat.

Just look at the dog abuser case for example. It’s bad enough the guy was torturing the dog, someone had to go and be smart enough to record it. And then lose the recording to a random stranger. Everyone is pretty focused on what’s going on in the video but no one really seems to care that the video was posted by a stranger who found it in a thumb drive. Isn’t that a breach of privacy? I’m not saying what he did was not wrong, it’s absolute cruelness. But isn’t posting someone’s video in public without their consent, even if it is of wrong doing, considered a cyber crime?

What if the video she found was of something else and she posted it anyway? Will the owner have ‘more’ rights based on the content of the video? Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate, if the founder wanted to do anything at all about the situation, to take the clip to the relevant authorities straight away?

Now all that hype over the internet triggered some self-proclaimed CSI wannabes to cause someone to be accused as the dog abuser. I don’t know he’s really the one but if he wasn’t, has he the right to place defamation charges upon all those people who posted derogatory messages directed at him?If yes then a whole bunch of people are in deep shit.

The fact that speaking your mind is made so easy with social networking sites such as Facebook results in people being easily tempted to post things that they will regret later. It’s like luring kids with candies and toys.

Here’s another case. Girl sleeps with boy. Boy dumps girl. Girl threatens to suicide on Facebook. She even posted pictures of cutting her wrists. Okay, the boy could be an ass for dumping her but the fact that he slept with her involves his privacy as well. Or hasn’t he got rights because he’s a baddie for dumping her?

Looks like the latest way of solving problems is by going public and let others run to your rescue. That’s right, just Facebook it and solution comes looking for you.

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