Found : Manny & Sid From Ice Age!

Well, okay maybe not but really, mammoths and a sloth? What are the odds? Ice Age FTW! I’m pretty sure if they looked hard enough they’d find Scrat and Diego!

Building contractors have unearthed an ice age graveyard containing the fossilised remains of dozens of giant animals that died up to 150,000 years ago.

Mammoths, mastodons and a giant ground sloth were all discovered at the bottom of a drained reservoir near the Aspen ski resort in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

The remains are thought to be one of the largest collections of animals from the last ice age to be found in one place, reported the Daily Telegraph.

They were found in sediment in October by contractors preparing to build a new dam at the reservoir near Snowmass Village, which is located on a plateau some 8,870ft above sea level.

Palaeontologists have since found more than 600 bones from 25 different animals from seven different species beneath the reservoir’s bed.

Their haul so far still makes for impressive reading – ten American mastodons; four Columbian mammoths; four ice age bison; a Jefferson’s ground sloth, an ice age deer and a tiger salamander have all been identified.

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