Bad Handwriting Is Remembered Better

Doctors now have an excuse for their infamous bad handwriting. Designers beware, you’ll have clients coming up to saying they want to use the ugliest fonts you’ve ever seen because it will be remembered better.

A study by Princeton University found that a significant number of those tested could recall more information when it was presented in unusual typefaces rarely used in textbooks.

The research suggests that introducing ‘disfluency’ – by making information superficially harder to understand – deepens the process of learning and encourages better retention.

Readers using electronic books are less likely to absorb what they have read because the information is presented in such simple form.

Devices such as the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader display text in such a clear, legible format that this encourages the brain to be ‘lazy’, making it more difficult to take things on board, research suggests.

The findings go against the conventional wisdom that legibility makes it easier for people to learn and remember information.

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2 thoughts on “Bad Handwriting Is Remembered Better

  1. Was that Papyrus one directed to me?

    *folds arms across chest*

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