Stripped Down

I was reading the paper this morning and came across a letter from Eileen Lui, a Malaysian wedding planner of Nupts & Such, defending her decision on having a nude prewed photo shoot for her own wedding. So I did some googling and came across the article in NST titled “Nude wedding photos: It’s no different than porn” that triggered her defence. Now I am not going to elaborate my personal views on nudity but I have to say, hats off to Eileen for opting a daringly different approach to her prewed shoot. I’ve always dreamed of having more-intimate-than-usual shots for my own prewed (if I get there), so seeing this materialize is somewhat comforting.

Like I mentioned before, weddings are personal affairs. And there’s abosulutely nothing more sensible than to have a personal touch to your prewed shoots. It’s your prewed shoot by the way, so you decide exactly what you want and go for it. Most prewed shoots these day are about showing off albums of a ‘supermodel’ you to others. With attempts like Eileen’s, I’m glad to know that we’re stepping back into reality. With real pictures. No frills, no fuss, just pictures.

Source : wondrousvision

Now, nudity to some (or most rather), may be a sensitive issue. In her defense, Eileen was not shoving naked pictures of her and her partner into faces. Intimate pictures, remains intimate. But attempts like this, is bound to get some attention. That’s all that happened. So they got nude, shot some pics and made it to the news. Okay. Move on.

The not-so-eyebrows-raising shots of them was interestingly done by her photographer in paparazzi mode which I think is an excellent idea. I also loved the fact how she infused a lot simplicity to her wedding and focused on stuff like their vows. This, in my opinion, is more significant than what shade of pink my nails are. But that’s just me. In her own words,

With this wedding, I’ve come away believing that whilst grandeur, beauty and perfect planning accentuates a wedding celebration, it cannot replace the love and support from your close friends and family, the feel-good vibes that sincerely vibrate at your wedding — including shedding a  tear or two for you, and the fun and laughter that they provide to make your wedding a truly memorable one.

And that’s how weddings are meant to be.

Special kudos to their photographer Yeh Poh Chung for this amazing shots.

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