2010 Word of the Year

And the winner is…


The word ‘App’!

No kidding, the short form for the word ‘application’ which refers to a computer/mobile software has been declared by the American Dialect Society as the 2010 Word of the Year. But what baffles me most is, ‘App’ won over the word ‘Nom’!! How could that happen?!

‘Nom’ is the cutest, bestest, awesomest word ever. And it is not simply an abbreviation of a word, it’s our favourite monster’s eating phrase! No fair, I want Cookie Monster to win. *sulks*

Sigh. How could this not win? Sad sad world.

Anyway, here’s the list of words that won numerous titles by ADS.

  • Most Useful: nom (Onomatopoetic form connoting eating, esp. pleasurably. Can be used as an interjection or noun to refer to delicious food.)
  • Most Creative: prehab (Preemptive enrollment in a rehab facility to prevent relapse of an abuse problem.)
  • Most Unnecessary: refudiate (Blend of refute and repudiate used by Sarah Palin on Twitter.)
  • Most Outrageous: gate rape (Pejorative term for invasive new airport pat-down procedure.)
  • Most Euphemistic: kinetic event (Pentagon term for violent attacks on troops in Afghanistan.)
  • Most Likely to Succeed: trend (Verb: to exhibit a burst of online buzz.)
  • Least Likely to Succeed: culturomics (Research project from Google analyzing the history of language and culture.)
  • Fan Words: gleek (A fan of the TV show “Glee” [Glee + geek])

Source: wikipedia

Hey I’ve got pretty awesome words like absolove (abosolutely love) and disgutsing (disgusting to point you wanna puke your guts out). Wonder if they make the cut.


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