CracklePop Death : Part 2

So I took my fried monitor to PC Depot yesterday with the hope of bringing it back to life. The moment I walked into the shop carrying my monitor, the girl at the counter took one look at me, smiled nervously and went “You’re the one who came in last time with that warranty problem right?” Though I shouldn’t be surprised, I was amused that she remembered me. It meant the thrashing I gave them the last time I was there made it’s mark.

I said “Yeah, I’m back and I brought hell with me again.”

“Okay, please go to that counter”. She pointed to the same guy whom I thrashed the last time.

I took my monitor to him and explained the situation. He was very quick to reply me saying that the one year coverage provided by the shop was over but since Samsung gives 3 years warranty, I can bring it to Samsung’s service center myself.

Now, I knew perfectly well that if I did that, I will be back at PC Depot again in no time because for some strange reason, the unit that they sold me is not accepted at Samsung’s service center. Apparently mine is a not a Malaysian unit (I don’t know why this matters) so I will have to get the shop I bought it from to place a warranty claim. I was not informed of this when I bought it. The same situation happened the last time and I was going to and fro between PC depot and Samsung’s service center like an idiot. I pointed this out to him and I got a “No lah, you just take it there, should be ok one”. Another guy who seemed to be a newbie there jumped in and quipped “Hmmmm that’s strange, they can’t reject your unit.”

I told the newbie that I was not taking it anywhere until he calls Samsung up and makes sure my unit will be accepted. So newbie decided that he’d accompany me to Samsung and make sure it gets accepted.

So off we went, me, newbie and my monitor to Samsung’s service center. As I predicted, my unit was rejected. Newbie was dumbfounded. Then he came up with a solution.

“Okay, this means PC Depot will have to place the warranty claim for you..But we will charge you for transportation.”

Wtf? The girl at Samsung’s service center explained to me there will not be any transportation charges if I am able to drop in my monitor there because I had a 3 years warranty. Right now, I am unable to do so because PC Depot sold me some funky unit that keeps getting rejected. I argued with newbie that it is not my problem that Samsung was rejecting my unit so why should I pay for the transportation to send the unit to be repaired in Penang?

Newbie agreed that I had a point but still needed to talk it out with his superior. He told me to expect the worst, I told him that’s the worst thing you can tell a customer. Especially one like me.

So now I’ll have to wait till newbie calls me with the verdict, and then see if I’ll need to unleash another round of hell onto PC Depot.

Part 3. Wait for it.


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4 thoughts on “CracklePop Death : Part 2

  1. Good luck! Have you tried buying from another store? This might help avoid future issues.

  2. I’m glad you stand up for your rights. Big cxompanies would fleece your granmother out of her pension of they could, and we HAVE to fight back. Well done and good luck with your monitor.

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