Apple’s Got Enemy : Berry

Apple’s iPad officially has a genuine contender : Blackberry’s Playbook.

Source : erictric

And the biggest plus point for the Playbook is this:

Source: engadget

Yes, it plays Flash. And supports multitasking which is a huge turn on for octopuses people like me. The resolution attempts to give the iPad some competition with 1024 x 768 (9.7  inch screen) on the iPad, and 1024 x 600 (7 inch screen) on the PlayBook. The PlayBook also comes with a neat 3mp camera on the front and a 5mp one on the rear and weighs only slightly more than half the weight of the iPad. View more tech specs and comparisson here.


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2 thoughts on “Apple’s Got Enemy : Berry

  1. Er, looks great, but as I just bought a laptop and go everywhere by camper van, I’ll stick with what I know. My son would probably be interested, though. He’s a tech head who can’t resist the next gadget!

    • Haha yeah, perhaps he might! But I’m still in favour of laptops compared to these, I’m a sucker for big displays =P

      Like how I’m having a..erm..’displaysize shock’ after using my monitor for so long and suddenly forced to work on my laptop now.

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