Amateur Astronomer Puts Nasa To Shame

Nothing irks a photographer more than when after a whole bunch oohs and wows looking at his/her works, you ask : what camera do you use?

Amateur astronomer Steve Loughran buried that question 6 feet underground with these stunning images that put Nasa’s multibillion dollars worth of technology and expertise to shame.

The 44-year-old managed to capture these stunning images of stars and constellations, including one of the Andromeda Galaxy, from his back garden in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire.

Andromeda Galaxy by Steve

Andromeda Galaxy by Nasa

Even more incredibly, he managed to do it with equipment that cost less than £10,000.

Horsehead Flame Nebula

North American Nebula

Great Orion Nebula



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3 thoughts on “Amateur Astronomer Puts Nasa To Shame

  1. Yo! the world out there that’s rarely seen. it’s more than a beautiful world, it’s a beautiful universe especially the space out there that’s unaffected and unreal.

  2. Superb shots. Beautiful!

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