CracklePop Death

Almost 2 years ago, I bought a brand new Samsung LCD monitor from PC Depot Ipoh. It was the 2333SW model which I was quite in love with. I was terribly upset when I had issues with the unit almost a month after buying so I took it back to shop. More than a month of ‘monitorlessness’ ensued, topped by the absolutely horrible customer service by PC Depot. I gave them a good thrashing and didn’t have any issues after that.

Last night, as usual, after spending time with mom watching nonsensical tamil serials on TV after work, I headed upstairs to my room and turned on my computer. The monitor didn’t power up as usual. Funny, I thought, as it was working fine in the morning.

So I reached for the power cable to see if it was connected properly and felt a jolt go up my arm. Uh oh. Then I heard some crackling, a loud pop and the whole house went black. Then came the smell that brought me the bad news. My monitor was fried. Boohoo.

Well the good thing is, if it was powerful enough to fry the monitor, I suppose I could have gotten fried too. Or semi-fried? Either way, I got lucky!

Now that brings me to the current dilemmas I’m in. For one, I’d hate to bring it back to PC Depot to see if it could be repaired (yes the customer service was THAT bad). If it’s not worth to be repaired, I totally do not want to buy again from PC Depot albeit the low prices that they offer. I think they offer considerably the lowest prices in Ipoh.

And then I’m wondering if I should get a Samsung again. I’ve been looking at the LED models (PX2370, XL2370), seems quite decent.

I need feedback. Help!

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