Marry Me? Woof!

Welcome to a whole new kind of wtfness. A very much in love Joseph Guiso of Toowoomba, Australia married his dog Honey in a ceremony attended by  close family and friends. In a world where marry-cheat-divorce-rinse & repeat  has become a norm, perhaps Joseph would argue that this union is a refreshing change.


Source : thechronicle

“You’re my best friend and you make every part of my day better,” Mr Guiso’s vows read. The couple decided on the location – and to tie the knot – after stumbling upon a wedding in Laurel Bank Park during an afternoon walk.

“I said that could be us,” Mr Guiso said.

“She didn’t say anything so I took that as a yes.”

Mr Guiso said as a “religious guy”, he could no longer take the guilt of living with Honey out of wedlock.

“It’s not sexual,” he assured the onlookers.

“It’s just pure love.”


Really, now. A dog? Not that a cat would be any better but the whole concept of getting married these days is running down the drain heading straight to the sewers.

Hah, I can imagine the havoc if you asked someone to marry you, he/she didn’t say anything and you took that as a yes. Oh yeah, that’s with an actual human being, I guess animals don’t have a say in it.

And it’s absolutely dumbfounding the things that people do and blame on religion these days.


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