Johns Phone

Remember when phones used to be, well, phones?  Only calls, no texts, no cameras, no applications, nothing. Just phone. Johns phone is exactly that. Hailed as the world’s simplest cell phone, it has got nothing except the ability to make and receive calls, a tiny screen that shows phone number, speed dial and an address book. No not a built in address book silly. A real address book. Bet you don’t remember how it looks like don’t you? Totally perfect for shit-i’m-outta-battery-and-i-can’t-remember-my-home-number situations.


Give this to a 10 year old today and I can guarantee it get’s flushed down the toilet in 24 hours, you get a long-winded whining on what a not-cool-parent you are, followed by a monstrous tantrum for an Iphone. Oo yes, my kids are totally getting this. And a bicycle. So that they can actually get out of the house, do fun things that kids do and call me to say “Mummy I scraped my knees but it’s okay, I’m alive.” That’s a lot better than watching them sit at home with their eyes glued to some gadget.

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