Punch Tantra

Tamil cinema is known for many things. Among those things are songs with multiple costume changing songs & dance sequences, silly fight scenes with exaggerated dishum dishum sound effects and not to forget, the i’m-so-effing-cool punch dialogues. Any Tamil cinema loving Indian will agree with me that the King of Punch Dialogues is none other than Tamil cinema’s Superstar Rajinikanth. Heck, even my mom’s a fan.

Now being King and all, would not be complete if you did not have your own book of punch dialogues. Hence, Punch Tantra was born.

The Book features some of the best know dialogues from Rajinikanth’s movies that have been engrained in the memories of us the common people and like a folktale, we have today made them as part of our lives. Comprising of 30 dialogues – according to the author, one dialogue a day keeps life active – not just mere ‘punch’ statements also their deep-rooted meaning and philosophy behind them.

Sources: NHM, Odyssey360

The New Indian Express reviews: A sneak peak: the line ‘En vazhi thani vazhi’ (my way is a unique way) from Padayappa, is the first ‘value statement’ analysed in the book. “You need to be different to succeed. Don’t choose a ‘me too’ line of business or a ‘me too’ way of running a business… Recent history talks of many failures on acco­unt of this very herd culture. The failure of many dotcom companies is a typ­ical example,” the analysis reads.


Now, if there’s nothing at all that can teach a cinema loving Indian something, you can be sure Rajini’s punch dialogues does. Thalaiva! Lol.


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