Want. This. Pillow.

After some Googling, I figured out this is a Comfort-U body pillow. No, not like Comfort You, more like a comfort in the shape of the alphabet “U”. Yeah I needed to point that out. Just in case I was thought to be desperate to have someone to ‘Comfort Me’ in bed and am attempting to achieve that with a pillow. I was convincing, right? No? Pffft didn’t think so.

The Comfort-U Body Pillow was designed by a registered nurse and features a unique over-sized  full body U shaped design. This is a true full body pregnancy pillow designed to provide support to both sides of your body at night. With each side of this pillow measuring in at 5 feet 4 inches long, you can truly lose yourself from head to toe inside this pillow.

Oh. For pregnant women. I see.


I’m not changing my mind. Want! ♥♥♥

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2 thoughts on “Want. This. Pillow.

  1. Me too! Brilliant idea. Happy new year dfortyex

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