A revolutionary design in history of escalators by Jack Levy, the Levytator or also nicknamed as the ‘Sushi-lator’ is expected to be seen in malls and public buildings by mid 2012. The nickname of course, refers to the striking resemblance of the design to conveyor belts carrying plates of mouthwateringawesomenessfromheaven sushi in Japanese restaurants.

The already patented design that incorporates the ability to follow curves, eliminates the waste of steps that disappears below the floor and reappears only at the start to complete the one loop for each journey concept used by current escalators. Separate loops will no longer be needed for ascending and descending as the Levytator works with a single  loop where the steps that ascends disappears under the floor upon reaching the end and reappears at the start of descending journey instead.

The Levytator


Current Escalator Design

Speaking of escalators, I’m reminded of a history I have with one particular escalator in the Jaya Jusco Mall, Ipoh. The one that descends from the floor where the cinema is located (Ipoh locals would know this). I was there with my siblings to watch Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa. We arrived a little early so we decided to head downstairs to grab some food. For some reason the descending escalator was not working so we started walking down the steps. And I slipped, fell backwards down 2 steps. Just like that. I hit my back against the edge of the step (ouch, I know it hurt like hell) and got myself a nice barcode-like scar on my back. Of course there was no food, no Madagascar and a whole lot of pain after that. Pffft.

That incident shed some light on something that I wondered about when I was a child. I remember one of the kids in my school whose mom walked with a limp. I asked her what happened and I was told she fell down an escalator. I wondered, how do people fall down an escalator? Well, now I know how it’s like at least. /slapsforehead

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2 thoughts on “Sushi-lator

  1. The design is really interesting, but wouldn’t two regular escalators be more reliable/practical?

    • Every design comes pros n cons I guess.

      There is one advantage I noticed with the current design. If upwards was not functioning, it does not affect downwards as they are separated. This won’t be the case with the Levytator where once it fails to function, the entire loop goes down.

      So yes, it could be more reliable.

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