‘Android’nauts and Indian Kaboom!

We humans speak of beings on other planets, aliens taking over our world and a whole bunch of other crap. But the actual truth is we are the aliens, poking and prodding outer space much to our fancies and I can bet you that the moment we lay our hands on an alien (a real one, not those Halloween prank shite ones), we’re gonna make plans of taking them over. Okay, that’s just my 2 cents but let’s see who has been to space lately.

Source: dailymail.uk.co

It’s official – there are little green men in space. Disappointingly the aliens are not from another planet but were launched from Earth by Google to test the outer limits of their new Nexus S phone. The tiny Android astronauts were strapped to seven payloads, which each contained one of the new mobiles. They were carried into Earth’s outer atmosphere using weather balloons.

The phones were running a variety of apps. Google Maps for Mobile 5.0 (with offline map data) which allowed the team what was directly below the balloon, Google Sky Map to try and identify the real stars in the backdrop and Latitude to report location when the phones had a data connection.

Amazingly the Nexus S could withstand temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees celsius, while the GPS kept track of the phone up to 60,000ft and started working again on the balloon’s descent.

Now, while these brave little ‘Android’nauts made a decent trip, Indian space scientists were put to shame when their advanced communication satellite within a minutes after its launch. It was stated by one of the officials that there were faults in the second stage of the launch but according to another, the first stage itself was a failure.

The multi-million pound 310 kg GSAT-5P satellite, was to serve the needs of the telecommunication sector and the weather department.

It was at 4.04 p.m. that ISRO launched the rocket, with the satellite, in clear sky from the Sriharikota space centre, about 80 km from Chennai.

In a chilling reminder of the Challenger Space Shuttle Crash of 1986, the Indian rocket  rose into the sky with a deep roar, emitting thick orange flame at its tail. And suddenly it exploded — and disintegrated. Fortunately this space vessel was unmanned.

Source: dailymail.uk.co

Hmmm, too much masala in the rocket fuel perhaps?


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