Try saying that out loud. SNOTM. Snotem. Snot’em? Heh.

Anyway it stands for Stuff No One Told Me, a blog by Alex Noriega.

Alex Noriega is a 29 year old illustrator from Barcelona that actually thinks is funny enough to make comics about the random ideas he has and people will laugh at them and buy stuff with his comics like mugs and t-shirts and he´ll be super rich someday and become some sort of wikipedia famous person and he´ll eat sushi everyday for the rest of his life.

I’m totally loving his illustrations and their messages.

Sometimes, not being yourself actually helps.


Been there. Done that.
Idiot :  “Can I get a website for RM100? A real simple one, really. Only 10 pages. I’ve already got all the  (either ridiculously low res or copyright infringed) images that you will need. Deal?”


Prince Charming + Porn Star = Match Made in Heaven
The rest of us are daydreaming of perfect relationships.


Head over to SNOTM for more of Alex’s in-your-face kind of humor. Also, check out his other blog. It’s uber awesome and I don’t think your mother will like it.

p/s : I hope to eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life too. ♥

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