is an idea that I personally find to be ridiculous. Immortality in flesh that is. As much as we’d love to have Elvis & Mother Theresa forever, I think there are plenty of people out there whom are glad that Hitler is gone. Imagine having an immortal iron-fisted dictator from hell. Forever.

Clearly unperturbed by such thoughts, US based researcher Terrence Aym explores this idea in his article “How to become immortal – upload your mind”.

He claims that the thoughts of futurists, cybernetic experts and artificial intelligence researchers “are converging on the same basic idea: Why not upload everything that’s in the brain-everything that makes a person who they are-into a computer and then download it again into a new body? Doing such a thing would make the individual theoretically immortal”.

The concept of digital immortality has already started to materialize in the form of The Digital Immortality Institute (DII). According to a citation in Wikipedia

The Digital Immortality Institute explores three factors necessary for digital immortality. First, at whatever level of implementation, avatars require guaranteed Internet accessibility. Next, avatars must be what users specify, and they must remain so. Finally, future representations must be secured before the living users are no more.

But really, where are we going with this? From what I see, Elvis is immortal. And he will be immortal only until the day he is forgotten. So does Hitler and his ideas. Just like them, we are immortal in somebody’s life till the day we’re forgotten. Living in memory is definitely different from living in flesh. But do I want make believe that someone who died is living again through an avatar on the Internet or by ‘downloading’ himself into a new body? Lol, I don’t think so.

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