Baby Making Factory – Coming Soon?

Technology, as we know, has somewhat found a comfortable spot in our lives as a necessity rather than a luxury or a desire. What was once a tool to help man perform every day activities with more ease, has become the reason why man are not able to perform to one’s fullest capabilities.

Came across an article yesterday in the newspaper about growing babies in artificial wombs without the need to be attached to a mother. As technologically forward as it may sound, do we really need it? There are way too many gaps to be filled, apart from questions of ethics and morality that need to be pondered over before rushing into this.

Sure enough, it may be a blessing for parents who face difficulties in having children. Let me rephrase, having their own children that is. There are so many children out there, without parents, without a family, without a decent future. The tiny flicker of hope these kids have to see a better future through adoption will die out as less parents will choose adoption as an option.

Also it won’t be long before doors of opportunity open for ‘customized babies’. Big eyes, sharp nose, tall, fair skin and the list goes on. Every newborn will be an epitome of perfection defined by man. When that happens, true genetic continuity and evolution gets replaced by a manipulated standard. We’ll get to see real life Barbies and Kens everywhere.

Just to stretch the imagination further, will we have two different generations then, natural born and ‘factory made’? What happens when these two generations merge? New species of man? Lol, okay I’m going too far.

Now it is good news that working mothers will no longer have to endure pregnancy while working. But when that option is available, employers will be more than glad to retract the support given for pregnant women. Even worse, imagine working for a company where natural pregnancy is not an option at all. Pregnancy, a design of nature, will be overruled by money and convenience.

Will this lead to a future where natural pregnancy will be a luxury or even worse, void? Already breastfeeding is facing so much competition from formula milk that it needs advocacy, which in my opinion reflects the pathetic situation we humans are in. Are we going from bad to worse? If you say only time will tell, I think it will be too late.

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