Microsoft ‘Kinky’nect?

Interactive pornography. Is there anything doesn’t turn into sex these days?!? Pffftt…

A firm that makes hardcore interactive pornography has hacked Microsoft’s innovative Kinect controller to create a game where users can pretend to grope women. Kinect uses a camera and infra-red sensor to detect arm, leg and body movements, instantly translating them into onscreen action. Once switched on the infra-red sensor sweeps the room and identifies around 20 different body points on a person. Depending on the game, it translates body movements into action on the screen.

Now thriXXX, a company based in Austria, has developed a demonstration video showing how the controller can be used as part of an interactive sex game.

The video shows players can use their hands to directly ‘interact’ with scantily-clad female characters on screen who squirm around in apparent ecstasy. ThriXXX intends to have controllable male characters in the finished game.

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