One Tough Cookie

I used own the  Sagem MC922 and I thought I had the Hulk of all phones. I don’t exactly have butterfingers but I can recall that I dropped that phone around numerous times and it was absofine. It won’t pop into a few pieces, it won’t turn off, hardly much scratches and I had it with me until I was convinced that the Nokia 3310 was the shiznit at the time and switched. Once I got a call on the Sagem while walking down the stairs at home and somehow let the phone slip through my hands. It bounced all the way down to ground floor, stopped and was still ringing.

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That’s my little Hulk. ♥

Came across this one in the this morning. The JCB phone. They put this in a sauna, gave it a good bath and even ran over it with a Saab. No stopping this guy.  Seems like one tough cookie! Find out if it withstood The Hot Spin.

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