OTT Pre-Wed Photo Shoots

Okay, I could be alone on this but I’m seriously getting tired of seeing pre-wed albums filled with serious oh-my-god-so-magnificent over the top (OTT) kind of pictures (be it superimposed or real) and the same poses over and over again. I want to be able to look at an album and go “Aaawwww” or “Sweet!” or “Hahaha you guys are too cute!” rather than “Wow you look like a model/movie star!” or “Wow I could almost not recognize you!” or “Was this really taken at Taj Mahal?”. Photoshop is GOD indeed.

Whatever happened to down-to-earth kind of pictures? I really think photographers should talk with their clients on what appeals to them rather than giving them a diarrhea of ideas that leaves them distracted, undecided and in the end, leaving the ‘hard work’ of deciding to their photographers.

I don’t know about elsewhere but in Malaysia, there are heaps of photo studios that offer pre-wed photo shoot services. I see couples walk in and get ideas put into their head on what their pre-wed photo shoot should be like. Then there are packages of this many indoor shots, that many outdoor shots, outfits, big albums, coffee table albums, a free banner for your wedding day? or maybe free car decoration? And end of the day, you get your album full of  ‘instant superstar’ you.

Wedding, in my opinion, is a personal affair. So it is only sensible that your pre-wed pictures have a personal touch in them. The pictures should be about you and your spouse. But then again, like I said, not all may agree. For some, over the top is what they want. So for those who don’t, think simple. Think personal. Consider using personal props (items/concepts that appeal to you).

Everyday events/places can be absorbed into a pre-wed shoot.

subway love

Pick keywords and attempt to turn it into a scene. You will be surprised at the ideas you can come up with. This guy loved kangaroos and that’s exactly what he got.

Source : Flickr , Flickr , Flickr , Flickr

If you have ideas or have done shoots along the similar point of view, do share. =)

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